Breast Cancer Exercises In Land And Water



Its not only  about surviving. Its about thriving!!

For cancer survivors quality of life makes the difference….In a pink ball


Apart  from  a specific nutrition that has scientifically shown benefits  exercise is a top priority during or after treatment.

Post surgery/Lymphydema land and water exercises  after doctors approval,  permit  to gain flexibility and recuperate range of motion and confidence preventing swelling of arms when lymph nodes are removed.

The water acts as compression on the lymphatic system so there is no need for compression garments while exercising in water. Also the movement improves circulation and detoxification of the lymphatic channels.

Stretching is important to avoid movement limitations and postural problems from the  scar tissue left by the surgery.

NEW FINDINGS back up strength training and weight lifting as beneficial for lymphydema cancer survivors read more http://doctorwascher.comimages


Although exercise has a variety of benefits as reducing heart disease, improving energy, reducing high blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol, increasing muscle mass that burns more fat,  joint flexibility and bone strength this is especially true when we talk about cancer. Although the causes of cancer are still unknown many studies show the link between exercise and a lower cancer risk as well as a better outcome for exercisers in general.


-Exercise is a priority in women that had surgery to remove cancer from their breasts specially because there is a decrease in flexibility, and a tendency of  protect the affected which affects posture causing a hunch back look. Also the scar tissue and sometimes pain prevents the full stretch necessary to have a normal posture so stretching is essential all the time.

-Many studies showed a lower in breast and colon cancer risk among women/men that exercise.

-Slow to moderate exercise depending on patients condition, can improve the quality of life of patients that are undergoing cancer treatment and those living with cancer (depression, hot flashes, bone stiffness, pain, and anxiety among others).

-Other aspect is self-image threatened by all the procedures and treatments from surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal treatment and dealing with all the side effects. Exercise accompanied by deep breathing like Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation,Water aerobics, stretching, dancing are the most recommended.

-Weight gain is a consequence of many chemotherapy and hormonal drugs for the majority of breast cancer patients another image distortion fact. Unless a fitness program is started people tend to gain pounds easily than before.

-Weight gain is specially not beneficial for Estrogen positive breast cancer and the more fat the more estrogen circulating in the blood.

-Stress. reduction – The 2 stress hormones present in stress are cortisol and adrenaline While some stress is good for us to be active, permanent stress elevates cortisol levels to a dangerous point and there are studies linking high cortisol levels with increase of cancer risks.

Humans are designed to be physically active. However, our typical twenty-first century lifestyle—sitting in front of a computer all day—is a far cry from the daily hunting and gathering activities of our ancestors. While it is common knowledge that exercise can keep our muscles and bones strong and healthy, less often recognized is that moderate exercise can also decrease stress and high cortisol levels.


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