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Beach Triathlon 2014

Beach Triathlon:

Either if you are Training to increase your fitness level, strength, weight loss or fun, the beach Triathlon definitely a Fitness plateau killer and will move you to the next level fast.

 1 – Power Bike: We start riding the bike (your own or rent at the beach) along the shore according to a distance agreed among participants(minimum one hour ride) unless otherwise agreed. You must have water with you to hydrate and can go at your own pace If you are a beginner trainer will be at your speed. Advance participants can go faster and meet us at a point.

 2 – Power Sand training and drills (include running, sand skate, kicks ) within your possible intensity.

 3 – Power Pilates legs, buttocks and abs.

 4 – Ocean training (ocean water threading and drills) shoes and fins recommended.

 5- Yoga stretches and relaxation in the sand.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours training according to the level of the participants.

There will be intervals of 15-20 minutes between training portions where you can hydrate and rest. It can be according to the participants need.

 What to bring:

1 – Water

2 – Snacks optional

3 – Mat/towel

weights optional.

4 – Sunscreen , glasses and protection.

5 – swim suit or wet suit

6 – Water shoes/fins (recommended)

See BeachBlast2017


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