Become a beach warrior using the Sand!!

Benefits of working out in the Sand By Graciela Perez CPT NASMGUY RUNNING

The beach has many benefits besides the paradise views, more fun, stress release and self connecting ocean breeze.

But today, I want to tell you the benefits of working out in the sand.

1-The sand is an unstable surface so it will challenge your balance. Is like working out on a cushioned surface that is always shaking so your body needs to adapt therefore constantly burning more calories and improving core strength.

2-You will be forced to use those muscles that are asleep when you work out in land on a treadmill or other machine. Like most of the people you probably workout within your comfort zone which may be a great cardiovascular workout but will not improve your abs, core and balance. Most importantly, will not increase your fitness level at all.

3-Sand workout uses other muscles to a full range of motion better than on land and also uses different muscles. This is especially true in the knee joints, quads, foot and arches. You will feel the burn afterwards from the new muscles.

4-Sand workouts will give you a mix of cardio, hard strength and stretching because the muscles work to a full range of motion at the same time.
5-It is better for your joints than pounding on machines and if you do it progressively there is less risk of injury.
6-It is a metabolism booster and has faster results in less workout time than your gym routine. This is because the body will need to use more ATP (adenosine triphosphate – the molecule that transfers chemical energy) within your cells for higher metabolism.
I recommend starting closer to the shore and then progressing slowly to the thicker sand or do intervals of shore and hard sand. Alternate with skates, lunges and other drills according to your level but do it slowly and enjoy the workout even if it’s walking to begin with.
Beware that the knees should always be parallel to the 3rd toe and never swivel to the sides. Strong abs will help you put the weight on your core, abs and upper quads instead of the knees.
Most of all enjoy your workout at whatever level you are, have fun and be safe at the beach.!! See you at the beach.

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