Becoming a beach warrior ll (Benefits of Ocean works)

Benefits of working out in the Ocean by Graciela Perez CPT  OCEAN WORKS22

Benefits of working out in the Ocean by Graciela Perez CPT NASM

Think it is only for injured athletes or old people? Think again after trying to run or walk against the ocean tides, especially in the Pacific. These waters are better than weights when it comes to strengthening quadriceps, building your core and flattening your abs.

It’s a combination of cardio, resistance and massage so you have the feeling of being at a Spa while working out.  Plus you have the effect of the ocean breeze and its energy.  Your body will release chemicals in the brain that make you feel happier which also helps to reduce stress.

If you are intimidated by the waves, you can do this knee level and still feel the effect of GIRLSIN OCEANstrength.

  • There is a greater amount of resistance when moving through water compared to air. Exercising while submerged is like having weights around your body, creating a much more challenging and rewarding workout.
  • The ocean water has many minerals and the energy of the currents will improve your circulation, and reduce cellulite and rebel fat deposits. If you can bear it, the cooler the water the better for circulation and the reduction of inflammation from weights and land workouts.
  • It has less impact on the joints. PLUS the salt in the water can even benefit your joints and reduce arthritis and the wear and tear effect of pounding on machines. Being in water allows you to eliminate a large proportion of your body weight in virtually zero-gravity conditions, making it much easier to perform moves that may be more physically challenging if you were on dry land.
  • It’s a more natural resistance for your body than weights that use a push and pull plus gravity to overcome the The water requires the body to push through the water rather than against it.
  • It naturally increases your range of motion. A study conducted in 2013 found a significant increase in flexibility after subjecting a group of older adults to aerobic therapy exercise.


-Use water shoes/sneakers (recommended) if you walk or run long distances (2 or 3 lifeguard boots) or go bare foot.

-Pay attention !The ocean has uneven surfaces and the waves will create unstable environments WHICH IS GREAT TO BUILD A STRONG CORE BUT pay attention and be prepared with abs engaged and knees straight and parallel to avoid falling.

-BE SAFE if you go deep. Stay close to a lifeguard booth or people especially if you don’t know the currents that day.

IMPORTANT: Go at your own pace. Feel safe and have a fun and effective workout!!

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