Aquatic Fitness Classes


Water Aerobics and PilatesAquafitness classes for 3 or more participants can be conducted in your pool or we can reserve a pool in your area subject to an additional cost depending on the area.


Benefits of Aquafitness:

Combining the resistance of the water and different devices with a cardio workout that will increase metabolic rate burning fat and building stronger muscles without bulking up (from the inside out).

The combination of cardio, stretching, resistance, water massage and breathing together has the following benefits:

-Improves circulation that helps with cellulite and spider veins.Water Aerobics Group Fitness Classes

-According to USD/HHS water aerobic can burn from 480 to 625 calories per hour.?

-Gives you a lean/toned body, strong abs and a stable core?

-Hard workout without stressing the joints.?

Try this new way of getting fit alone or combined with your favorite sport and find the way to a new you!!!

For more information watch our videos below or call us at 323-377-4525


Benefits of Aqua Fitness

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