Dance Fitness classes

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Dance fitness classes

Loose those extra pounds while having a blast combining aerobics with a variety of dances from your artistic self.

Dancing not only burns calories and increase your metabolism but also releases more stress and emotions since you are expressing through dance.

It also helps you maintain a sharp mind at any age since coordinating steps is a mind body exercise .

Your artistic self is in shape no matter your body size. Let your body meet your artistic self and get in shape through dance.!!

Aerodance, Cardiodance, Zumba:

The class Mixes routines of different dance styles with aerobic movements and their music (80’ties, Latin, salsa, rock’n roll, twist, belly dancing, jazz, funk, disco and others) melting them into calorie burning easy to follow steps that will energize your body, release stress and improve your dance skills while having fun.

This is a new fitness method that connects the body, mind and spirit burning calories from the sensual, expressive and creative part that we all have at the beat of a variety of music styles and dance/exercise routines that will make your body blast fat and toxins.

Minimum 4 people per class at group fitness rate.

To book go to Group Fitness

 If you are less than 4 participants go to Personal Training 

For more information and questions email or call 323-377-4525


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