Healing classes (Stress Management)


Tai-Chi-Shadows-image  Exercise is healing because of the stress release, endorphines liberation and cortisol reduction that contribute to a better health but this modalities are specifically recognized as immune system boosters

Qi Gong  Tai chi woman1

Is energy work, Based on the premise that the body is an energy system (Qi).As long as there is Qi (energy) there is life. Originated in china and used as part of Chinese medicine 240 BC. Qi gong exercises restore the balance, rejuvenate, rewire the cells exposed to toxic environments in our stressful everyday life that causes stagnation of the energy and illness .

As chinese medicine this healing form has scientific evidence to be effective when use as complimentary with treatments to cure arthritis, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue , gastro-intestinal problems , cancer and heart disease.

Qi gong exercises and meditation improve the immune system because they : Cleanses the Qi of impurities and toxins, Gathers energy creating a storage in the body Circulates the energy opening blockages and stagnation so the healthier energy can reach the body areas that need healing.

Often illness can be discovered on the sub-clinical stages before it is actually in the body and medical exams find it.

The Qi gong practitioners by harmonizing themselves with nature and life senses any break in the flow of energy and has the tools to repair the disturbance.

Tai Chi Tai chi sign

A form of Qi Gong in movement that harmonizes the energy of the whole body including the internal organs detoxifying the impurities through breathing and concentration improving immune system and increasing stamina. This has also effect in the toning of the body even if there is no effort the resistance of the energy field is there.

TAi Chi

Magnified healing Meditation MHmedit

Magnified Healing is a 5th dimensional healing energy. With Magnified Healing, you create the energy with GOD MOST HIGH. You actually become the healing energy. You are a co-creator in the process. WithMagnified Magnified Healing, you can do organ transplants, heal Karma in totality, build the Light Body, activate the 12 strands of DNA, hence receiving your 13th, and activate the Five Higher Bodies. Magnified Healing is really an Ascension Initiation. It also heals at all levels.Magnified healing

MH2This modality comes from the teachings of Kwan Yin  an Ascended Being known as the Goddess of Mercy. She directs the Flame of Mercy and Compassion and her services to mankind are Mercy and Healing. She is one of those in charge of directing the healing activity to mankind on earth.

Minimum 4 people per class at group fitness rate.

To book go to Group Fitness

 If you are less than 4 participants go to Personal Training  For more information and questions email or call 323-377-4525






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