Pilates Classes/Sculp Barre

Pilates classes

Mat Pilates (Beginner-Intermedia)

The class focuses on the body awareness and posture , breathing and control using our own body weight and sometimes balls or resistance bands.

The student becomes aware of the imbalances and how to correct them to improve core strength, low back problems, increase balance, flexibility and tone the whole body from the inside out.

 Power Pilates/Sculp Barre (Intermedia-Advance)powerpilates

Trim, Length and tone!!

Application of pilates, dance, sculp works and yoga principles for core stabilization and breathing and total body awareness This class works on the principles of balance from the inside out, targeting the abdominals as prime movers resulting in tone and trim abs, firm and elongated legs and buttocks as well as a stabilized torso improving overall posture, balance, joint flexibility and helping low back problems cause by muscle weaknesses. Props as magic circles , balls, rubber bands allow you to strength and stretch at the same time gaining range of motion.

Minimum 4 people per class at group fitness rate.

To book go to Group Fitness

 If you are less than 4 participants go to Personal Training  For more information and questions email or call 323-377-4525

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