Total Body Conditioning classes

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Total Body conditioning classes

Rip body Blast

Get ripped !! This total body conditioning training class is a Plateau proof system that shocks the body with a variety of workouts so your body never gets accustomed and you never get bored. Challenges your body in a way that is effective, fun, safe and extreme and helps you to attain and maintain endurance, strength ,flexibility of an athlete. The class uses circuit training interval, weights, resistance and balance challenge drills together with plyo metrics . Beginners welcome to try this class and work progressively to your best body ever.

Boot camps

High demanding cardio drills together with resistance core, arms and leg training using different devices (weights, bars, rubber bands and medicine balls) to ensure proper muscle stress burning fat and increasing strength in the whole body.

Can also be conducted at the park or at the beach. See Outdoor Fitness and Total Fitness Bootcamp

Shed& Tone

Get an athlete’s body and strength with this High-intensity full body workout using a circuit training format to shed inches and tone. Combines strength, cardio and plyometric exercises for optimal results. Using metabolic training, working the arms, legs, and core strength throughout cardio intervals. It makes the body work harder using different routines and avoiding boring routines. The class builds strength and burns fat simultaneously and increases balance and flexibility as well. It burns many calories during and 48 hours after the class!! Be confident that even if you are a beginner you will progress gradually to achieve your best level and shape.

Minimum 4 people per class at group fitness rate.

To book go to Group Fitness

 If you are less than 4 participants go to Personal Training  For more information and questions email or call 323-377-4525


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