Yoga Classes



Yoga (Beginners)

Combination Hatha yoga beginner posses with breathing is a slow class that induce to focus on the posses and calmness. This improves flexibility, posture and lets the energy flow through the body in a harmonic way. The teacher applies the Magnified Healing method through visualization, meditation and in the final relaxation

Yoga Flow (beginner, intermedia)

The posses connect together as a dance where the breath becomes an important factor that guides the movement in every step of the vinyasa (connection) within the limits and creates a dynamic stretching effect that liberates emotions and calms the mind.

The energy flows with the breath while the body stretches, detoxifies and heals.

Power Core Yoga (Beginner,intermediate, advance)

A great work out for beginners , intermediate and advance students that at the same time creates a cardio effect , resistance and flexibility .Working the core and abs at the max with challenges within the posses, free weights , tubing all according to your level to grow progressively while releasing stress and toxins.

Class ends with the crystallization of the effects through calmness and visualization at the sound of a metal bowl.

Yoga Blend (Beginner, intermediate, advance)

Application of mat pilates, dance and yoga principles and posses for core stabilization improving breathing and total body awareness. This class works on the principles of balance from the inside out, targeting the abdominals as prime movers resulting in tone and trim abs, firm and elongated legs and buttocks as well as a stabilized torso improving overall posture, balance, joint flexibility and helping low back problems cause by muscle weaknesses.

Class ends with relaxation and visualization at the sound of metal bowl

Minimum 4 people per class at group fitness rate.

To book go to Group Fitness

 If you are less than 4 participants go to Personal Training  For more information and questions email or call 323-377-4525

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