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Connecting, body, mind and spirit by using different techniques to reach your fitness goals while improving your overall health.

We have to break the circle have to break the circle….!!

Graciela Band On BallIn today’s busy and image demanding world, maintaining good health and a fit body is a challenge. Stress caused by modern life, work schedules and bad eating habits creates a negative energy, leads to bad habits, being overweight and sick. We have to break the cycle and feel good about ourselves.This will create a positive energy around us and improve opportunities in all aspects of our lives.

Coming from a family of doctors, I learned the importance of preventive habits as exercise and a healthy diet to avoid or improve quality of live in any health conditions.

Yet, still our society does not have exercise as one of the health preventive priorities and most people don’t start a fitness program until they have a health condition. Health insurances do not cover fitness only Physical Therapy and when the economy goes bad the first thing we do ditch is the trainer.

Graciela Band On Ball with WeightsIn our fast paced society taking an hour to exercise is still consider a luxury specially in the corporate environment and this reflexes in our increasing obesity (including children obesity) with a consequent increase in healthcare costs.

Fad diets that produce a yo-yo of loosing and gaining pounds back, impatience that need fast results, diet pills and other magical solutions that will boycott our lifestyle and health with no long term results.

Another aspect of fitness is feeling good with ourselves and this is not superficial. The image we project in society has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves and our success in the outside world.

Graciela in Water With WeightsAs Certified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness and Pilates instructors, we combine different techniques that will improve your fitness level and increase your energy, while having fun and reducing stress using a holistic fitness approach different for each person and targeting your specific fitness interests. This will keep you motivated avoiding plateaus and boring routines while getting into your best shape and connecting body, mind and spirit .This which will remain with you the rest of your life when you continue to work on your own.

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