Tired of the same routines at the gym? Want to see new places while boosting your metabolism fitness level and detoxify? Add variety to your fitness program? Meet new life warriors buddies and friends?

We organize fitness tours to different destinations where  you can work out while having fun.

Ask us about various destinations in the Los Angeles area or abroad according to your times and budget. This year we are offering amazing results oriented methods at the beach, Mountains and parks.See



... , Costa del Sol, Spain with Training, Nutrition and Spa Services

Either if you are Training to increase your fitness level, strength, weight loss or fun, Beach Blast is definitely a fitness plateau killer and will move you to the next level fast. Workout is based on our beach fitness method” Beach Blast” and “Treading Water”.

Power Bike:(Optional) We start riding the bike (your own or rent at the beach) along the shore according to a distance agreed among participants(minimum one hour ride) unless otherwise agreed. You must have water with you to hydrate and can go at your own pace If you are a beginner trainer will be at your speed. Advance participants can go faster and meet us at a point

Note: This is optional you can either rent the bike or bring your own.Hulu bikes are around the beach for your convenience.(Bike cost is not included in the rate)

Power Sand training and drills (include running, sand skate, kicks ) within your possible intensity.

Power Pilates legs, buttocks and abs.

Treading water or Ocean training (ocean water threading and drills) shoes recommended

.Yoga stretches and relaxation/Vizualization in the sand.

OCEAN WORKSDuration: Minimum  2/1/2 /3 hours training according to the level of the participants. This includes breaks and swimming suit changing .

There will be intervals of 15-20 minutes between training portions where you can hydrate and rest. It can be according to the participants need.

 What to bring:

1 – Water

2 – Snacks optional

3 – Mat/towel

weights optional.

4 – Sunscreen, glasses and protection.

5 – Swim suit or wet suit

6 – Water shoes (recommended)


Individual to 5 people : $175 /Day

Individual to 5 people $450/3 days

6-10 people: $120/day

6-10 people  $360/3 days

More than 15 miles from 90046 will be calculated upon reservation.

Ask your concierge for transportation to the site.



Hike your favorite parks or be open to discover new paradise places, mountains and reserves in Los Angeles. We hike according to your fitness level and then perform drills that will increase core strength, weight loss, Legs strength follow by abs work and Yoga stretches and visualization. Biking option also available. All in a safe environment supervise by a certified fitness expert that will push you over the comfort zone but within your limits.

Rates:                          Outdoor bootcamp1HIKE2

Individual to 5 people : $135/Day

Individual to 5 people 3 days $350

6-10 people: $115/day

6-10 people 3 days $325



What to bring:

- Swimming suit and water shoes (If you choose to do the ocean workout) recommended.

-Water-Sunscreen-Mat-Towel- (We can provide if requested in advance $15 extra)

-Shorts or comfortable clothes and sneakers.

-Your best self and the will to work out, discover new places and meet new friends!!

For more information, questions and special arrangements call 323-377-4525 or email us at

Note: More than 15 miles from 90046 will be calculated upon reservation generally at 0.60 cents a mile.