Local Getaways

LOCAL FITNESS/DETOX GETAWAYS: (See fitnesstoursla.com)

3 days of intensive fitness together with detoxification and nutrition to renew/detoxify your body, relax your mind and connect with your higher self without leaving the city.

Locations can be selected by us or chosen by you within the 15 miles of 90046 zip code. Other locations can be selected at an additional cost 0.50 cents per mile.

Start your morning in a different way/ environment:

1 – Morning choices at Beach:

-Yoga at the beach/ ( Venice,Santa Monica,Pacific Palisades or any within 10 miles included).

-Baywatch boot camp Stairs, Sand training plus Ocean training (optional), Pilates and Yoga relax stretches and meditation.

-Biking at the beach (can be combined with ocean and sand training) Yoga relax stretches and meditation. (bike can be rented on locations)

2 – Morning choices at the mountains:

-Hike at your pace  with your trainer.cropped-Oceannsplit.jpg

-Running & drills according to your capacity

-Core Strength & Pilates abs.Opposite arm opposite leg

-Yoga Stretches & nature awareness relaxation

3 – Morning choices at the Park of your choice:

Same as above.

We are also open to your suggestions and preferences according yours/our possibilities.

4 – Healthy Lunch at the restaurant of your choice and food shopping with the help of a dietician or personal trainer. We provide a selection of health food restaurants.

$498 (one person) 2 people $798 3 people $950. 5 people or more $1100

5 – Spa Treatments and massage (optional and not included in the price) (Extra cost will be provided according to the services requested)

For more information or price confirmation email fitnesstoursla@gmail.com or call 323-377-4525

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Local Getaways

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