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Graciela-man on Ball BalancingSENIOR FITNESS

60’s is the new 40’s !! Be strong and fit at any age…

Strength is not limited by age but by commitment to an exercise program that addresses age related issues that limit a person’s ability to live life at its fullest.

Many 60’s and 70’s are in better shape than when they where in their 30’s.

Seniors are in special need of resistance, flexibility and balance training to avoid osteoporosis, arthritis and other age related problems. Also, there is a special need for a balance nutrition that will boost energy and promote well being. Working abdominal muscles is a key and can be done sitting in a chair or standing.

Water exercise is essential for people with arthritis and joint problems.To Book a session click here


obesity is becoming common around the world for the proliferation of fast food, technology and TV. Encouraging kids to learn the importance of fitness and nutrition is part of parents and schools. The activities must be motivating and creative!! Active kids will make healthier adults. To book a session click here

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