Small Group training


Get in shape working with your buddies 3 times a week at an affordable rate!!

Work out with a group of 4 or more people and pay only $20 a session with this 6 week body blast program. Book now

A fun, affordable, interactive, motivational and imagesefficient way to get in shape this year is our Small group training sessions.

A quality fitness experience that delivers fast fitness results while interacting with the trainer and the group.

The difference with a group class or boot camp is that the trainer is a qualified professional that will push you enough and according to your capacity to get the most out of you’re the workout. The workout will adapt to your level instead of having one workout for all and the trainer will be on the participants instead of working out with the participants.Opposite arm opposite leg

The difference with the one on one training is that the trainer will pay attention to all the group participants instead of only addressing your specific needs so if you have individual concerns, one –on- one is a better option but you can always alternate having some sessions in small group and adding private ones.

You will work at a high intensity and over your comfort zone but within your limits. The trainer will be there for you in case any modifications are needed.

The program includes: HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamp, Pilates, TRX, weight training, stretching and body composition and nutrition guidelines.

For locations you and your group will decide where best to workout see personal training.

Book Small Group Training (4 people or more)

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