Corporate Wellness Services


2013-09-05_12.07.49Detox-Focus and Balance YogaHealthier employees =Less abseentism=More profitsHealthy dietsTtrainingFit & Healthy=Less costs= faster solutions

Detox-Focus and Balance Yoga

Healthier employees =Less absentees=More profits

            Why a wellness program is important for my company?

Due to the benefit in healthcare costs and the new health regulations, wellness and fitness have become part of preventive medicine and many companies are giving this Strengthimportant benefit to their employees reducing absenteeism, healthcare costs and improving efficiency.

As personal trainer, Pilates, Yoga and Aquatic fitness instructor and a business consultant, my company works together with other nutrition and wellness professionals to bring your employees/members the best choice in a simple affordable yet most effective manner 

How it works

 Our wellness program include Fitness classes, Fitness assessments, personal training, nutritional guidance, seminars and wellness fairs, fitness adventures vacations and other non-routine activities that will motivate them individually and as a group.  We will focus on progressive  behavioral change leading to a healthy lifestyle and habits – taking into consideration each person’s individual capability and overall preferences in a fun and receptive environment.

We will meet with your staff and determine what is needed according to the company size, space available, employees /members preferences ,work schedule and budget.

    Our past and present clients:

 Working directly and/or as contractors together with other companies n the field  include:

Anthem Blue Be Well programs for retirees

Flexibility & Stress release

US Army Corps of Engineers

Los Angeles Times,

Cal State LA 


Be Well programCore Strength

Palazzo at The Grove area

Americana at Brand

Beverly Hills Country Club

Hollywood production centers.

We are available to talk further about establishing wellness and fitness progressively and effectively taking in consideration your company structure, budget and matching them with your employees/members needs .

We carry liability insurance and can work on a contractor basis at your convenience.



Group Fitness classes on site ( Pilates- Yoga-Bootcamps-Circuit Training-Cardiodance-Zumba) all tailored the employees/members preferences.Stress out Cardiodance

  • Outdoor Fitness in Parks /Beach /Mountains in the area.
  • Touristic/Adventure fitness in different destinations .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Local Fitness & detox Getaways according to the group preferences.
  • Personal Training (one on one sessions with a certified personal trainer) included body composition and fitness evaluation.


  1. Nutritional guidelines seminars by Personal trainers or Dieticians.

  2. Specific conditions seminars by Registered Dieticians.

  3. Health fairs on site with catering of a variety of organic health food options from chefs nutritionists.

  4. Healthy lifestyle shopping with dieticians according to the preferences.(organic, vegetarian, vegan, regular)


  1. Naturopath doctor consultations
  2. Life coach consultations and valuation

For more information and a personal meeting to evaluate your needs  call us at 323-377-4525.